Saturday, 1 July 2017

little bobbins knits - episode sixty

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch recently, to the new members of the Ravelry group, to the lovely people who have subscribed on YouTube and the hugest thank you to those of you who are returning to the podcast, it really means such a lot.

I am back today with something slightly different. I have been inspired by a few different podcasters to try just picking up the camera throughout the day to show you my projects and little bits and bobs because finding a whole day to sit and podcast seems to be a bit hard to find at the moment - I hope you enjoy it, I really enjoyed trying something new on episode 60!

I have some works in progress and finished objects to show you, along with a little visit from mum and a peek behind the scenes at some bags in progress and a new giveaway. I announce the winner of our last giveaway too.

Thank you as always for your kindness.

YouTube Link


Works in Progress

Yule Ball socks
 - London House Yarns
 - Homebird Makes

Second So Faded Jumper
 - West Green Loft Yarns
 - Norah George Yarns
 - Fine Fish Yarns
 - Kettle Yarn Co. bag

Scrappy Granny Stripe Blanket

Finished Objects

Buffy Socks
- Yarn Lab UK

Hufflepuff Socks

So Faded - labels from Grain Deep

Fairy Hill Shawl
 - The Wool Barn

Skeins in the Stacks Giveaway

Skeins in the Stacks shop and instagram

Visit the thread to enter

Podcasts Mentioned

A Homespun House

Makers Haven


1 Second Everyday App

Thank you so much for watching

Dani x

Music used in this episode is Vanlig by Jahzzar and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


  1. HI Dani !!! I LOVE your new format !!! Well..... I am SO fond of you and Bobbins and Teddy Pom Pom, ANY format would be wonderful - yet this suits you SO well. Thank you , as always for this podcast . I wish you and David ALL the best in these upcoming count down weeks - and a beautiful, sweet, wonderful life as you thrive onward. Warmly, Marcia

  2. Hi Dani, I love this format. It feels like you're my neighbor and I can causally pop in and out to chat. But really. whatever works for you is the best. You're so generous to share your time and snippets of your life with us. Love to you, Mom, David, Bobbin and Ted

  3. Dani.....that was a lovely podcast and I really enjoyed the format with little snippets of your days. It was so fun to watch!

  4. Hi Dani, really lovely post! I just adored to take a sight of your town, your home, see you chatting with your mom. It is a bit hard to me understand all the post because I am a Spanish speaker but at the same time it is a challenge to try...
    Your new format is help to me to understand a little birt more. Thanks for share it.
    And last but not least I enjoyed your charming Little Bobbins and Teddy!


  5. I really love your podcast and the new format. I enjoy your lovely personality and beautiful knits and pets.

  6. Dani, just gotta say I absolutely ADORE your new format. I have enjoyed your podcast for quite some time now, but i have to say these lovely tidbits of your day interspersed with your podcast puts it over the top. I hope you enjoyed creating the format as much as i have watching it. Thank you

  7. I discovered your podcast today, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Though your cat is gorgeous, being more of a dog person, I'm completely enamored of little Bobbin. What a sweet little cuddle bug!

    I liked the segment where you and your mom interacted. How sweet! It reminded me of how a video chat with my mom might be. My mom is also her worst critic (a trait I seem to have inherited). Your mom's napkins were positively gorgeous! Though I enjoyed all your knits, I was especially taken with your jumper, or sweater, as we Americans would call it. I was so glad when you shared the pattern later in the podcast, and that it wasn't too difficult. I may just make it my first sweater (jumper!) attempt.

    I look forward to more of your podcasts!