Sunday, 14 February 2016

little bobbins knits - episode forty six

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch over the last week, to the new members of the Ravelry group, to the lovely people who have subscribed on YouTube and the hugest thank you to those of you who are returning to the podcast, it really means such a lot.

I have some works in progress to show you today - most of which I wish I had made more progress on, a few finished objects and lots of lovely things. We chat a bit about the little along which I am co-hosting with littleyellowuke and I am showing a few of the things I have been making for my shop - I really hope you like seeing those. Stick around til the end for a tiny segment (that I almost forgot to include) of 'you've got to turn off now mum'.

YouTube Link


Works in Progress

True Friend in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and a speckled yarn from The Wool Barn in my beautiful bag from Mrs Brown's Bags

Baker Street Socks in Knit Picks Felici


Umbridge Socks in British Bea Knits yarn

Finished Objects

The Knitting Goddess Socks

Christmas Eve Socks in Bobbin's Treat from Felt Fusion

Chester Basin Hat - do join Deb and I in our takeheartalong if you would like to

Little Along Chat

I am so enjoying seeing your little along projects. We have received some lovely prize donations this week from Julianna's Fibres , Mrs Brown's Bags from Nina La Fountaine and a very kind friend of the podcast. Thank you all so much!

This is the Marigold Cowl I mentioned

Lovely Things

Thank you so much to Amy, Jodi, Sandra and Kim for the absolutely lovely things.

I bought yarn inspired by Bobbin from Felt Fusion and some yarn and hand cream from Fondant Fibre

Shop Makes

I have been making some lovely project bags for my shop this week. I am hoping to pop them into my shop on Monday at around 5pm GMT

Podcasts Mentioned

Cherry Heart Podcast

Curious Handmade

The Grocery Girls

Fuzzy Love Knots

Mrs B's Podcast

Thimble and Thread Make

Thank you so much for watching

Dani xx

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