Monday, 20 April 2015

little bobbins knits - episode twenty seven

Happy Monday everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch over the last week, to the new members of the Ravelry group, to the lovely people who have subscribed on YouTube and the hugest thank you to those of you who are returning to the podcast, it really means such a lot.

Today I have quite a few works in progress to show you, a finished object that I am very happy with and wish was for me, I show you some lovely things - one of which could be yours very soon and I show you how I put lavender into my knitted bits and pieces.

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Works in Progress

Mum's Campside by Alicia Plummer in Rowan Alpaca Colour

Test knit for Melody in Rosy Green Wool Manx Merino Fine in Somerset Rose - I love this yarn!!

Scrappy Weekender by Sandra Paul in sock scraps - I'm up to 100 hexis - wohoo!!

Come and crochet a long with us

Hardy Socks in Regia Tweed Yarn - colour 90

Test knit large laceweight Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart  in Heavenly Lace from The Uncommon Thread

Finished Objects

Sock Blank Socks in a sock blank from Easyknits

Lovely Things

Goodies for my various Weekender Blankets from LoveKnitting

Wonderful package from Josi - Thank you so much Josi

Lovely bags from Louleigh - the blue one will be given away on the podcast soon - Thank you so much Leigh

Check out Leigh's shop - blog - podcast

How I fill my knitted things with lavender

Fondant Fibre Giveaway

Remember to come and enter the giveaway for the beautiful yarn and handmade knitters soap from Fondant Fibre in the giveaway thread.

Thank you so much for watching

Dani x

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