Monday, 13 April 2015

little bobbins knits - episode twenty six

Happy Monday everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch over the last week, to the new members of the Ravelry group, to the lovely people who have subscribed on YouTube and the hugest thank you to those of you who are returning to the podcast, it really means such a lot.

Today I have some works in progress to show you, some lovely things and I announce the giveaway of lovely Fondant Fibre goodies but mostly I go on and on (and on and on and on) about my new crochet obsession!

YouTube Link


Works in Progress

Sock Blank Socks in a sock blank from Easy Knits

Test Knit for Mandarine's in Rosy Green Wools Manx Merino Fine in Somerset Rose

Scrappy Weekender using the Weekender Blanket by Sandra Paul in various sock yarn scraps

Sandra's blog, podcast and Instagram are all wonderfully inspiring

I have also been making a scrap dk version in various colours of Stylecraft Special DK

(it doesn't have a project page yet so it might not make it as a 'real' project)

Other patterns I mentioned -
Something Pretty by Millie Makes
Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick
Learn to knit a Log Cabin Blanket by Stacy Perry

Lovely Things

Magazines and Opal Sock Yarn from Rainbow Silks

Have a look at Louleigh's bags here

Buffy Sock yarn from British Bea Knits

Yarnderwoman's Pop Culture KAL

Lovely swap package from Lena of A Wee Bit Knitty podcast


Deb from Fondant Fibre very kindly donated some beautiful yarn and handmade knitters soap to giveaway.

Inspired by one of my favourite purchases from Fondant Fibre last Halloween, my fantastic 'IT' kit I would love to know what film would you like to inspire a crafty kit?

Thank you so much for watching

Dani x


  1. It's so funny: as I am watching the podcast, and you show something, I feel like I have to find a like button on the page somewhere and click on it. ;) But there is only one thumbs up button, not as many as I want ;)

    Thanks Dani! I was a lovely podcast :)))

  2. I have just discovered your podcast and am enjoying working my way through the episodes from the beginning as I learn to knit socks! I am a quilter mainly, so have been admiring your mum's quilts too, and embroiderer, but sock knitting is fast becoming an addiction. You do a great job on the podcast. And I joined your Ravelrygroup this morning.

  3. Hello Dani. I have only recently discovered your delightful podcast and am enjoying learning to knit socks while catching up with past episodes. My main craft is quilting so am also admiring your mum's work. I embroider a bit, and am learning to weave, but the sock knitting is definitely addictive! A lovely,inspiring podcast. Thank you.