Monday, 23 March 2015

little bobbins knits - episode twenty three

Happy Monday everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch over the last week, to the new members of the Ravelry group, to the lovely people who have subscribed on YouTube and the hugest thank you to all of you who are returning to the podcast, it really means such a lot.

I have some works in progress to show you today along with a brand new finished object and a spin in progress. I also have some lovely things to show you because people are so kind and I tell you the story of Bobbin. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions and questions in the 'what would you like to see on the podcast?' thread, I really appreciate all of your feedback and ideas.

YouTube Link


Cup Cosy Swap

I have posted the partners for the cup cosy swap :) Check the thread for all of the details and do get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Works in Progress 

Rainbow Socks in the Atlantic Current Socks pattern by Melissa Sibley in Felt Fusion yarn in the Rainbows and Clouds colour way

Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes in Drops Baby Alpaca Silk

Thank you for asking about how I join yarns ThistleDown, I would love to hear about how you all join yarns too.

 Here is a link to a tutorial on spit splicing.

Finished Objects

Rikke Hat by Sarah Young in Malabrigo Rios in the Lotus colour way


Sparkly BFL from a super wash bfl and nylon sparkle braid from Felt Studio UK - 1 ply done, 2 to go.

Lovely Things

Sparkly BFL from a super wash bfl and nylon sparkle braid from Felt Studio UK

Sirdar Heart and Sole in the Hello Cheeky colour way

A wonderful package from the lovely Anja who is Lesesuechtig on Instagram and Ravelry. Thank you so much Anja!

The Mario the Artistic Rabbit pattern by Jenna Krupar was gifted to me by a very kind person. Thank you so much.

I won a pattern in Tilly Trout's Cosy Along and chose the Newsom pattern by Bristol Ivy. Thank you for hosting such a fun knit along Tilly.

All About Bobbin

Thank you so much for asking about my little Bobbin MollyMunch, Eenae, LittleHomebird and TheKnittingAnnie <3

I found a picture of Bobbin when he was a puppy in one of the little coats I sewed for him.

Podcasts I mentioned today

Yarnderwoman Podcast

Caffeinated Knitting

The Corner of Knit and Tea

Tilly Trout Knits

The Knitting Annie Podcast

This Old Knit

Thank you so much for watching

Dani x

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  1. I found your podcast a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the first few so much I had to have a littlebobbin-fest catch-up this weekend - I really appreciated the extra information on today's podcast on your sweet little Bobbin. Thank you for a lovely relaxing/informative podcast. Gillian