Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Sock Emergency.

As you may remember I was happily spinning for socks (for my 13 in 13 challenge) but then I put down the spindle.... and didn't pick it up again!! A couple of weeks passed and the cop on my trindle was just not growing.... I had lost my spinning mojo!!

Emergency stations, these handspun and handknit socks just weren't going to be finish by the end of the year at this rate! I had to have a rethink!

I really wanted my handspun socks to be ultra hardwearing - 3 ply, probably superwash, perhaps with a little nylon thrown in for good measure, but then I remembered - knitting makes me happy .... these socks don't necessarily have to outlive me, I will be knitting more!

So I had a little look through my basket of handspun and pulled out this recently finished skein.

It's a 2ply mixed breed, it fits none of my criteria other than it's handspun. Oh well, soon it is going to be socks!

I have had this fibre in my stash for about 8 years, so thought it was about time I spun it!

It's not the softest, it's definitely got that toothy woolliness to it but it was very enjoyable to spin.

After a couple of false starts my socks are growing....

..and I'm really pleased with them. I am knitting them at a tight gauge on 2mm needles to hopefully give them a little more hardwearingness. I had intended to do a slip stitch heel for extra strength too but was clearly in some far away place while knitting as before i knew it I had worked a Fish Lips Kiss Heel instead!?

So, I might just still reach my goal, and soon I will have handspun socks on my feet - yippie!!

What is your favourite yarn for socks? Did you set any goals for this year? How are they going?

I'm joining in with the Spinning Show and Tell over on Crafts from the Cwtch again this week so click the link for more spinning related loveliness.

Dani x


  1. So glad to have you join in again this week, I have missed you the last couple of weeks and as always your colours are just so beautiful. I love the sock and totally agree, they don't have to last forever, just enjoy the knitting!

    1. Thanks Sarah :) I'm really pleased to be joining in again!