Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lovely Spindles

I find that lovely tools make creating even more special and thanks to a recent birthday I have added some lovely tools to my collection.

The first was this lovely top whorl drop spindle from Michael Williams. This spindle spins absolutely beautifully ....

Top Whorl Drop Spindle from Michael Williams

... and can withstand a lovely big cop without any complaints at all. This (below) is 50g and I think it would have been happy with more!

There is something deeply satisfying about a full cop I find!

This is my Trindle from Trindleman. It is so very light and I love how it looks like an alien spaceship while its spinning :)

Purpleheart Trindle with Dalmation beads from Trindleman
This is my beautiful Tibetan spindle and lap bowl from IST Crafts, it was an absolute impulse purchase after seeing it on his stall at Fibre East I just could not resist!

Purpleheart and Sycamore Supported Spindle and Lap Bowl from IST Crafts

I am really enjoying getting to know it better, it's so different to the drop spindles I am used to and I am loving it. It's so exciting to be learning something new too!

Last of all is this beauty...

Bog Oak Turkish Spindle from IST Crafts
I had been wanting a really lovely Turkish spindle and as it was my first spindle of this type I really wanted to choose it in person instead of ordering online. All of Ian's spindles are absolutely beautiful but I chose this Bog Oak one as I loved the fact that it is made out of such an ancient English wood. This Bog Oak has been carbon dated to 3,300 BC!! Isn't that exciting!

As soon as I got home from Fibre East I had to start spinning this luscious angora and silk blend on it :)

I definitely feel like my collection is complete .... for the time being anyway ;)

Which of your tools do you really enjoy using? Are there any that you would love to add to your collection? Do you like to use different spindles for different fibres?

I'm joining in with the Spinning Show and Tell on Crafts from the Cwtch again this week so click the link for more spinning related loveliness.

Dani x


  1. Gorgeous spinning and lovely new tools! Happy Birthday!

  2. Beautiful growing collection you have there. I especially like the support spindle ... just gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you Tanya :) The supported spindle is gorgeous isn't it, I'm looking forward to practicing with it some more!

  3. I've only recently heard of spinning! What do you do with the fibres once they have been spun? x

    1. I knit with the yarns I make, its lots of fun being able to take a project from (nearly) start to finish :)

  4. I am so envious of these (apart from the Trindle as I have one already!) and would LOVE to come and play with them all over a glass of belated- birthday bubbly! :D