Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Worth Waiting For?

I bought this beautiful springy merino and silk braid about two years ago from Felt Studio UK and in this state it sat. I would bring it out of its safe place every now and then for a (gentle) squeeze and to fantasise about what, one day, it might become.

But it stayed, just like this, in its soft and bouncy, pristine glory as I didn't want to 'ruin' it!

Finally I came to my senses!

It was an absolute pleasure to spin and now I have 414 yards of soft, silky, squishy goodness knit something with.

I'm thinking about a shawl with an lacy alpaca edging...

perhaps in blue?

For now it will wait happily in my basket where i will take it out every so often for a gentle squeeze while I again fantasise about what it might one day become!

Do you save things until you can wait no longer too?

I'm joining in with the Spinning Show and Tell on Crafts from the Cwtch again this week so click on the link for more spinning related loveliness.

In Tour de Fleece news, my basket is filling up, very exciting! How is your Tour going?

Dani x


  1. SOOOO beautiful - love the colours and the blue yarn gets my vote. Perfection! Thanks for joining up again this week, it's always a pleasure to see what you've been spinning xx

    1. Thanks Sarah!

      I'm leaning toward the blue too :)

      Thanks again for another week of spinning excitement xx

  2. Definitely the blue. The colours seem to "pop" next to that one.

    1. Totally agree :) Now to settle on a pattern!