Thursday, 21 March 2013

Scrappy Sock Happiness

Phew - I finally finished the Dead Simple Lace Socks which meant I could start the scrappy ones!! Woohoo!!

I began by gathering my supplies.....

I admired the basket of cute little yarn cakes for a while!!

Then I closed my eyes and picked out the first ball.

I wanted them to be random, something I find very difficult indeed, although I did use the same yarn at the same time on each sock.

I knit about 10- 12 rows with each ball and I love that even though I was using the same yarn, because of the self patterning-ness the socks look related but odd.

I read a little while I was knitting, which is probably why some yarns got 12 rows, and after a few days they were finished....

I love them! I have since bought 3 balls of sock wool thinking 'ooh, that would make a lovely stripe in a scrap sock' so it isn't quite the using up the leftover bits and bobs project I had in mind :)

What do you use your leftover scraps for?

Dani x


  1. They are colourful! Did you split the cakes to get similar stripes on each sock?

    Bimbi x

    1. No, I just went for it :) I tried to do as little planning as possible!