Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy New Year!

If you read this post you will have seen that I decided to delay the start of my new year until February 1st and declared January a month of planning and reflection, inspired by Michael Nobbs.

I found the month to be really useful. I instantly felt a weight lift off my shoulders, (isn’t the pressure we put on ourselves destructive sometimes?!) and I was ready to get on with the planning part which had felt so rushed before.

So I put together this list -

I have already made progress on some things! Whoop whoop!

1. I have started a calendar and February is all planned out :)

2. This is a big challenge for me. With working from home I find it far to easy to get sidetracked with housework, laundry or any one of the million other things that need to be done. I have experimented with a few techniques so far and will share them in another blog post. This one is very much a work in progress! Any tips would be gratefully recieved!

3. You wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to write an ‘about me’ page, obviously I am pretty familiar with me, but it is! I have written a new one for my blog already (what do you think?) there are just a couple more places that need a refresh.

4. I have been learning a bit more about my camera, read this great book and have experimented with this one a little. Lots more work to do still!

5. I am always surprised at the ideas I find in old sketchbooks so this is a habit I would like to continue. I have been playing with digital sketchbooks recently too and I’ll tell you about that in another post :)

6. Sometimes I get to the end of the year and think “what on earth did I actually do?”, not this year!

7. I love to read but I rarely make the time for it, prioritising knitting of sewing or what not but I have gathered a few books that I really want to read and this year I will make  time for it.

8. This is a flexible goal as since I set this I have thought 12 pairs would probably be better and then I thought actually it’s 2013, why don’t I knit 13 pairs and make one pair out of my handspun yarn! As you can see it’s snowballing! I shall leave it at 6 for now and see how it goes (although I have already knitted 2 pairs and I am knitting pair 3 and 4 at the moment)!

9. Making a living from my handmade business is a big goal so I will build on the things I have done previously and make littlebobbins grow from strength to strength this year.

10. Otherwise what is the point!

I’d love to hear what goals you have made for this year and how they are going so far!

Dani x


  1. Well done, Dani!
    Having read your post I have decided a blog calendar is a good idea as I am currently pretty haphazard with my posts. My other big blog plan is to update the look of the blog.
    The other BIG thing I want to do is to design a website for the Guild which, as you said yesterday, is currently percolating!
    Bimbi x

    1. Thanks Bimbi!

      Sometimes things need a while to percolate don't they :)

  2. What a great start to the year Dani, its a great idea to put a plan together like that with realistic steps. My big goal for 2013 is to finally start making things to sell. I am finding loads of usefull information in Kari Chapins books (The Handmade Marketplace and Growing your Handmade business) and I also got the same photography book you have for christmas along with a new camera. I havnt dug into the photography book yet but the small bit I've read is great I think its going to really help me as I am clueless with photography. I think your about page is looking great by the way. Enjoy the weekend, Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary :) I'd love to hear what you think of Growing your Handmade Business, that has been in my wish list for a while! Good luck with your big goal, that's a very exciting one!!