Monday, 28 January 2013

So that was January!

So my month of planning and reflecting is almost over and as well as starting to get organised for the start of my New Year and buying lots of new stationery (an essential part of the organisational process) I have done some other bits and bobs too.

 We celebrated my lovely mum's birthday. I made her a garland with 12 fairies (you can find the pattern here) and I got to do some more gift wrapping!

 I made lots of new pencil cases which will be listed in my shop in a few days.

 I had lots of exciting visitors in the garden and made some bird food for them.

I finished my first socks of 2013 and started the Crafts from the Cwtch knit a long.

And as always I took lots of pictures of the boys :)

How was your January?

Dani x

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