Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year (sort of......)

I hope 2013 has started well for you.

The reason this post has a 'sort of' in the title is because I have decided to join Michael Nobbs (who got the idea from here) in starting this New Year on February 1st and using this month as a time for 'reflection and planning'.

I was overwhelming/frightening myself with some rather hastily made grand plans as New Years Intentions and beginning to dread the arrival of January 1st. I don't usually make Resolutions you see and for a minute I got a bit caught up in the goal setting madness of things - 'I must do this, oh for it to be a good year I must do this, ooh and this too!' Enough of that silliness!

So this month I will be finalising my intentions for this year and easing myself in slowly with the hope that this will make for a more exciting goal setting experience.

So, how about you - have you set yourself any New Years Resolutions (or Intentions as I prefer to call them, it seems kinder somehow)?

Dani x

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  1. Better celebrate the achievements than put pressure on yourself and possibly failing. I keep reading that people are writing achievements on a piece of paper and then putting it into a glass jar to review at the end of the year. Seems to me that's the way to go for a really feel good factor.
    Bimbi x