Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Doesn't Time Fly!?!

Well I can't quite believe this year has gone so quickly, and ages since my last blog post too! I had a look through my photos to remind myself what I have been doing the last few months and it turns out quite a lot has happened :)

We had a wonderful holiday in St. Ives with incredible weather, lovely food and beautiful scenery.

I've done lots of knitting and crochet, a bit of dyeing and went to the Knitting and Stitching show.

I made my first large quilt.

I made lots of lovely new things for my shop, and had a tidy desk for at least as long as it took to take this picture!

Did new things at pottery, tried some new crafts, read magazines, was ill twice and met some very cute dogs.

Had a successful time at Clay and Thread, our Christmas sale where I was clutching on to at least 1 hot water bottle throughout - it's very cold here now! I always like seeing all of my stuff out together, I can see I have been productive, something  I wonder about when everything is packed away in boxes.

I'm still addicted to Instagram. If you are not on Instagram and fancy seeing my pictures then click here :) if you are let me know where I can find you!

Now on with the Christmas crafting. So far I have knitted 3 pairs of socks but am totally stuck with my other gifts! Are you making any Christmas presents this year? I'd love some ideas :)

Dani x


  1. Great post, Dani! What a busy bee you've been.
    I've made one gift for my mother, a beaded necklace. How about scarves or cushions? If it's for a lady you could sew a bag. iPad case, phone case knitted, crochet, felted or sewn might be good. Personalised stationery.
    Bimbi x

    1. Thanks Bimbi!
      Wow, thank you! That's loads of good ideas to get me started :)

  2. Wow little bobbins haven't you been busy!! So much cuteness in one spot love it!!!