Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Neat Stuff Workshop

At the moment I am taking part in the online workshop "Neat Stuff: a nostalgic journalling adventure" with Mindy Lacefield. I love Mindy's art - remember when I took part in her Mail Art Swap?

Anyway, so i am loving this course. Every morning I wake up to a new task to complete - exciting! I love having these tasks drop into my mailbox every day and since we are working on things in stages and I don't know what is going to come next I can't over think it! Yippie!

Here is a taster of what we have been doing so far. I also bought the workshop companion zine which is wonderful and it came with a glassine bag full of ephemera from Mindy's collection which I can't wait to play with. I am so happy to be taking this course, it is forcing me to have a little fun every day - definitely a good thing and the voice of my meanie inner critic is much quieter when I'm having fun :D

Are you trying out anything new at the moment? What do you do to bring fun into your day?

Dani x

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