Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Big Photo a Day Update

On some days inspiration comes easier than others but I am still really enjoying this challenge

9. Big - big rolls of fabric in John Lewis

10. Favourite colour - is teal

11. Letter - I put my current favourite recipe and a bag of spices in this letter too.

12. Texture - A cute little knitted frog on my cactus seemed like a good mix of textures.

13. Open - Flicking through my (lovely) new book.

14. Building - Didn't know what to take a picture of for this one so took one of home and added some heart lights.

15. Finger - Another lapse in inspiration - when all else fails I take a picture of Bobbin (paw on my finger to attempt relevance :))

16. Sign - snapped after a yummy halloumi burger.

17. Your addiction - Frankly this could have been quite a few things but I thought I would go with tea.

18. Plate - My lunch.

19. Pet - Came back into my studio to find little Bobbin sat on my desk! Cheeky!

Are you doing any challenges at the moment?

Dani x

1 comment:

  1. No challenges except trying to stay positive with this everlasting greyness!! Oh, and trying to keep the house tidy with wool all over the place :)
    Love the knitted frog. And talking of letters - thank you so much, what a beautiful surprise!
    Bimbi x