Monday, 11 June 2012

The Last Few Days in Instagram

As I mentioned in my last post I love Instagram,  mostly because it is encouraging me to take lots more photos (and partly because there are loads of pictures of cute chihuahuas to look at too). So here's what I have been up to the last few days -
Listing lots of pretty bunting

A trip away to a beautiful wedding and a hotel with a wooden bear :)
Writing on cute stationery, settling in to my new filofax and working on the Blogging Your Way e-course
What have you been up to for the last few days?

Dani x


  1. Lovely photos!
    Last few days? Spinning, weaving, spinning, more weaving, then some spinning, ...... the workshop was great.
    Bimbi x

    1. Thanks Bimbi :) Sounds like a great few days - I can't wait to see some pictures from the workshop!

  2. looks like you've had a few wonderful past few days :)

    Thanks for joining my blog. I've browsed through your blog posts and have to say that you are super talented and creative! I will be following your posts in my google reader!

    for me, the past few days have been consisting of studying, cleaning, crafting, packages, korean dramas, and more crafting :D

    1. Thank you for visiting hello bunnies :) I had lots of fun looking through your blog yesterday, I love your super cute style! It sounds like you've had a good past few days too - I'm glad to hear crafting featured more than once :)