Thursday, 22 March 2012

When it's not Flowing - Knit Tiny Things!

I have been going through one of those times where nothing seems to be flowing very well. In these times it feels like my inspiration has all dried up and I feel a little bit lost. Usually, I will shut myself off from everything - no tweeting, blogging - generally keeping my world very small. I don't think this helps, if anything I think it helps these periods last longer but sometimes it's hard to change things you are so used to doing.

I also seem to turn to knitting at these times. Knitting is my favourite and the meditative stitches soothe my soul in a way nothing else does.

Another thing I love is mini things and the two have been combined in my latest knitting exploits -

Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land designs the cutest knitting patterns and then does funny animations with them, the yeti one  is my favourite!

I'm gaining my equilibrium back by knitting tiny zombies and tiny chickens :D

Do you ever have periods like this? What do you do to get back out the other side?

Dani x

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