Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Quest for Improvement

I am determined to get better at blogging and taking photographs so these are my current reads.

Blogging is a challenge for me as I'm generally quite an introverted person and I quietly bumble along in my studio with only my dogs for company all day. I feel like each post brings me out of myself a little more though so I am determined to persevere and hopefully make blogging a more regular thing. It doesn't help that I feel like such an amateur, but practice, reading gorgeous magazines like these and paying attention to what I love about the many different blogs that I read will hopefully help that feeling to lessen and help my blog improve. I over think things - it's silly!

As for improving my photograhy, I am loving this book, it has loads of tips and some fab 'make your own' ideas - I now have my very own tin foil light board :) I have also vowed to read my camera manual (although this has been on my to do list for a long time)

What are you trying to improve at the moment and  what are you using to help you do it?

Dani x


  1. That sounds intriguing! What's a tin foil light board???
    What am I not trying to improve? The list is endless...
    Bimbi x

    1. Hi Bimbi,
      It's a reflector board to point the light where you want it to go - it's very handy in our dark little cottage, you have to grab any scrap of light that's available!
      Dani x

    2. p.s - they aren't the only things on my list either :)