Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thank You (with tape)

I love sending (and receiving) hand written notes, my mum has sent me a card every week since I moved out of home and as a child I was always encouraged to send thank you cards - something I still do now, and I always include a handwritten note with every order I send out.

This year I decided to make some little Thank You cards and use some of my ever growing collection of washi tapes, something I tend to hoard :)

Here's what I came up with -

I used file folders for the card - it's nice and heavy but folds really well.

I also made the envelopes out of some kraft paper - my favourite colour paper - using this cute envelope template -

I love how whatever you do with washi tape it looks cute. I stuck my odds and ends onto my notebook. I wish I could achieve this slightly messy, disorganised look on purpose. I find it very difficult not to be neat and ordered.

If you fancy making some of these and need some supplies I got the envelope template and some tapes from here - a treasure trove of kawaii goodies and this shop sells lovely tapes at a great price.

What sort of things do you like doing with your washi tapes? Do you send thank you cards too? I'd love to hear from you :D

Happy New Year to you all 

Until next time

Dani x


  1. What a lovely idea for sending to your customers.

  2. A personal touch always works wonders. The cards are beautiful.
    Bimbi x
    PS Something on my blog for you! :)

  3. Hello Dani! I have found your gorgeous blog from BYW… wow, you are so creative! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking over your posts on various things - all of which I'm "into" aswell! I have even decorated my moleskine exercise book for the BYW course… I'll post a pic on my blog for you to see! Thank you for the lovely and awesome inspiration! xx Tanya