Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Spinning and How I Love Sparkle!

A weekend I have been looking forward to for months has now come and gone.

I was at a Novelty/Art Yarn workshop run by Daniela Kloppmann the lovely and very talented woman behind FeltStudioUK and it was brilliant.

Some of Danielas yarns

On the first day we learned various techniques for spinning coiled, slubby, bobbly and knotted yarns and on day 2 we played with drum carders.

This was my favourite - I desperately want a drum carder, the exciting batts you can create are endless.
Collecting fibres to make a sparkly batt.

It was so exciting and the weekend confirmed that I bleedin' love shiny things as none of my batts managed to be free of some sort of sparkle :)

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to spin so I will sign off and grab my wheel and a shiny batt :) wahoo!

If you haven't been there yet I'd recommend checking out Danielas gorgeous shop of scrumptious fibre goodness here FeltStudioUK

Dani x

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