Wednesday, 5 October 2011



As a prize for being a regular reader/commenter on her wonderful blog KittyPinkStars sent 5 people a conker puff - and I was one of them! Wahoo! So excited!

How incredibly cute is he!

It is also very fortuitous as I have been collecting conkers of the non furry variety and placing them strategically around the house in the hope that the rumours are true and that they really do ward off spiders - or which I am rather frightened! As it goes since the conker hoarding, spider count is at 2 little ones whereas before we had several great big ones lurking about in their scary way!

If you haven't checked out KittyPinkStars blog I would strongly recommend that you do and have a really good look around, you'll find lots of inspiring things, colourful things, funny things and hugely cute things - it's one of my fave blogs.

Dani x

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